I watched Black Panther, not once, but twice.  The first time I watched I was caught up in the excitement of the characters, costumes, etc…  The second time, I paid more attention to the message/s, the most profound of which was communicated brilliantly through the character and story of Kilmonger. Why Kilmonger was such a compelling Villain in Black Panther.

Although brilliant, skilled in the art of combat, and a descendant of Wakanda, Kilmonger, the cousin of T’Challa (Black Panther),  grew up angry and bitter because, after his father’s death, he was left in an environment that restricted, rather than supported his intellect, skills, and Dreams. As a consequence, Kilmonger, became bitter and angry because of the crippling poverty and crime infested environment of his South LA Community.

Although a descendant of the most technologically advanced society on Earth, Kilmonger grew up on the rugged streets of  LA.  Kilmonger’s character represents the modern day descendants of Africa living in the West, who under the crushing economic limitations, false spiritual ideologies, and customs of their oppressors, struggle to advance economically, technologically, and spiritually.  This results in a generation of Kilmongers who, instead of using their intellect, training, and power to advance themselves, aspire to destroy his oppressors, which included the people of Wakanda. Although his own people, the People of Wakanda, possessed the intelligence, technology, human, and natural resources to help Kilmonger transcend his physical, economic, and spiritual limitations, THEY DID NOT!

Today, many of us, caught up in our own personal struggles, whether financial, relational, or otherwise, forget that the struggle will never end, because it is through our struggles that we learn and grow.  And so while we each, face our own unique struggles, many of us face similar struggles that we ought not face alone.

In our desperation and separation we neglect to apply a simple principle needed  to overcome our struggles. That Law is the Law of Reciprocity. Do Unto Others…

And so, out of that message The Kilmonger Scholarship was born. The scholarship serves as a reminder that it is in Giving that we in turn receive. It reminds us that we are our brother’s keeper. It reminds us that Kilmonger’s success is OUR success and his failure OUR failure.

So, What is the Kilmonger Scholarship and How can it make you a Black Panther?

Vision of This scholarship: To Provide Supplemental Financial Support For Scholarship Awardees, Studying Abroad.

Mission of This Scholarship is: To Provide an avenue for Alumni Associations, Sororities/Fraternities, Foundations, Non-Profit Organizations and individuals to provide financial and other support to students entering specific fields of Science, Engineering, & Technology who, upon graduation, will in turn sponsor a student. Scholarship Recipient also agrees to return to their Native Countries and complete an Internship in a career field that will drive environmental, economic, and technological advances in their home countries.

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I believe that by helping a student to access International Student Sponsorships, each of us will be doing our part to ensure Kilmongers are able to use their intellect and skill to advance themselves, their countries/communities, and humanity as a whole.