Re-creating an authentic Jamaican experience at Green Zone Farm has become a labor of love for both Brian and I. (Notice I said, has become, because it didn’t start out as a labor of LOVE but a paradigm shift. OUCH! The outdoor kitchen and outdoor bathroom (minus the pit toilet) is reminiscent of my younger years in Clarendon Jamaica.  You would think that with all the comforts of modern living available to me, I would reject the antiquated living conditions of my past and embrace the conveniences of modern living available to me. Well, not so, not anymore anyway. I can’t explain why Jerk Fish accompanied by a cold Red Stripe Beer taste sooooo damn good when consumed outside among nature so I’m going to enjoy it?  ‘Big Up’ to Brian who has done a brilliant Job in re-creating an authentic Jamaican feel, taste, and sound at Green Zone Farm.

 If you’ve never tasted Jamaican Jerk Chicken cooked in an outdoor kitchen then you have not lived. Take a sneak peek into the secret behind Jerk Chicken’s unique flavor.

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